A Note From Alejandra

I want to invite you to have the ultimate chocolate experience.

Romanicos is a sensual experience that begins when you see the beautiful presentation. Then, it continues when you open the box and smell the delicious aroma of fresh chocolate. And finishes with the amazing texture and flavors that melt in your mouth.

Romanicos brings you a good balance treasure with the rare combination of eye-catching presentation with delicious confections. The perfect combination for a memorable gift! Romanicos makes chocolate the way it’s meant to be!

My team and I make a product totally by hand, not only with the finest ingredients available worldwide but with a lot of care. We make everything in small batches, so it allows us to check each piece carefully and watch all the details.

I believe that each thing contains energy, and I think that a piece of chocolate made with love makes a big difference.

Taste for yourself what a good piece of chocolate is about and enjoy not only our delicious chocolates also best our first level service experience.

María Alejandra Pérez-Mendoza
Founder and CEO