Chocolate makes a GREAT Gift!

When you give Romanicos Chocolate as a gift, you say I care for you!

In Romanicos, we believe that chocolate is a great excuse to say I care, I appreciate, and I love you.

We make sure that each detail is tailored to make you look good!

We can guarantee that your gift will be memorable, and recipients will be grateful.



  • Chocolate is as personal as each person's; our experience is that flavors have to do with the person's childhood memories. Latins will probably love our Chocolate Art Collection with flavors like Guava 'n Cheese, Mango, or Key Lime.
  • Our Truffles are perfect for someone who LOVES chocolate and is a connoisseur. 
  • Wine lovers will enjoy pairing our truffles with a good red wine or champagne.
  • If you know little about the person you are giving the chocolates, choose the Chocolate Art collection. Their selection can appeal to any taste.

If you need more guidance you can call us at any time 305-854-9936